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Caspanas Rpg Meme Sai by AppyNinja
Caspanas Rpg Meme Sai

Omg, that was fun. :giggle: Now I love Sai even more. Come here my little Painy! :dummy:
Sai: .. go away. -.-

1. Yeah, Sai and his belief about peace and pain. :P
2. He's a very known criminal and also on the wanted list. To get vend he's doing dirty things for others, like killing, smuggling, robbing,..
3. Sai has no respect for no one.
4. Sai as serval, because..why not? XD Their designs are similar and both are cute, but dangerous.:giggle:
5.The beautiful Camil. It's a "forgive me gift", because I still didn't have answered your RP. :'D
6. Sai is a mare and got a mane. He looks so funny and fluffy! I'm sorry Painy! :''D
7. He's biggest dream is to bring true peace to the world.

Sai and art (c) AppyNinja
Camil (c) Jeangal247
Prechiosa (c) Lilafly
Meme (c) Nighttmares 
Wow, that was A LOT of fun! :''D :giggle:


Today's agility competition in Austria. Jazz was amazing! Me not that much, because of my nerves. :'D But we got 3rd place in agility, with a clear run! *so proud*

I forgot to upload this one because I'm not very proud how I run here - so sloooow. :stare:  But here you go. c:


Here we go again. We entered a new agility competition and this one was just a BIG disaster. :XD:


Jazz's paw is okay again and we are back on track. :iconimcoolplz:

Not our best run, but I'm proud on my "little" aussie fool and we had SO MUCH FUN!! :squee:
Looking forward to the net agility competiton on saturday - helt by our club. :dummy:

Appy :heart:
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Tagged by Lilafly and I'm only doing this, because I'm AWESOME. B-) Nur in deutsch, weil ich keine lust auf englisch habe. XD


01. What's your OTP (favorite shipping) if you have one?
Karui und Omoi aus Naruto Shippuden. Ich liebe die zwei einfach, obwohl sie sich immer auf die nerven gehen und Omoi imme eine ohrfeige bekommt. Aber ich finde die zwei würden bestimmt ein süßes paar abgeben. Was sich neckt, das liebt sich. :giggle:…

02. Do you have long or short hair and do you care much about your hair?
Schulterlänge, würde ich jetzt mal sagen. Vielleicht etwas länger. Ich liebe mein glattes oranges haar, aber wirklich kümmern tuhe ich mich nicht drum. :'D Es ist von natur aus schön. B-)

03. What's your position towards fantasy? Are you more a realist or do you like the difference from reality?
Fantasy is my reality! Ich liebe es in meine fantasy welt zu verschwinden. Man merkt sofort wann ich in meine gedanken abtauche, weil ich nur in einen punkt starre, nichts sage, nicht zuhöre oder sonst irgendwie reagiere. Meine freundin Polly hat sich schon daran gewöhnt und "rüttelt" mich mit einem schlag wach. :'D Die realitet hat mir noch nie gefallen. Fand ich zu blöd und ungerecht. Aber seid einem monat genisse ich zum erstenmal das leben. Entlich habe ich wahre freunde gefunden und leute die mich unterstützen. Ich habe auch eintlich mein traumjob und etwas gefunden, warum es sich auszahlt schon um 8 uhr morgens aufzustehen. Entlich weiß ich, was es bedeutet zu LEBEN.

04. Are you a bro? / Do you like PewDiePie?
Was ist das für eine frage?! *brofist* 

05. Have you ever asked yourself how your life would be if you'd live in a world where magic exists?
Ja, ich stelle mir auch oft vor selber magie zu beherschen. Ich finde das so cool! >D Amliebsten würde ich ein element beherschen, oder super schnell sein, aber auch mit tieren sprechen zu können wäre echt genial. =D

06. Do you like fish as pets? :3
Ich hatte mal drei. Mein goldfisch hat jede nacht versucht sich umzubringen. Er sprang immer aus dem aquarium und ist direckt auf den heißen radiator gefallen. Hat es aber immer wieder überlebt. Kann es sein, das mich SO schlecht um die gekümert habe, dass sie schon selbstmort gemacht haben? :''D Naja, ich habe sie dann weg gegeben. Fische sind wohl nichts für mich. :shrug:

07. Do you prefer silent nature, a busy city or something in the middle of those as a place to live?
Eindeutig natur! Ich lebe in einem kleinem dorf, wo jeder jeden kennt und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen in einer stad zu leben. Ich liebe es einfach mit dem hund raus zu gehen und ihn nicht an der leine haben zu müssen. Wir brauchen nur 3 minuten um auf die risigen fellder und wisen zu kommen. Da können wir auch schön toben und frisbee spielen. Ich mag es auch dass es hir nicht so viele leute und austos gibt. Man kann locker mitten auf der straße sitzen und ein paar fotos machen oder einfach mal einen saft trinken. :'D Das dorf leben ist einfach das besste und ich würde es NIE gegen ein stadleben eintauschen. Ich mag es auch das wir keine straßenbeleuchtung haben und wenn es dunkel ist und man das licht ausmacht, stockfinster ist. Wenn man dann noch das fenster aufmacht, die grillen hört und wie der wind mit den bäumen spielt, ist es doch das besste. Ich habe immer probleme in der stad einzuschlafen (straßenbeleuchtung, autos, betrunkene leute, krach,...).

08. What is your favorite, most inspiring quote?
" Life is never easy for those who dream" ; " Those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum. " ; " Unless you know the same pain, you cannot truly know another." ; " The weaker you are, the louder you bark." ; " If "Plan A" didn't work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! STAY COOL!"

09. What do you like more: sunrises or sunsets? Or do you like both equally? And when you like just one then why?
Sonnenuntergang, weil ich den sonnenaufgang immer verschlafe und ihn darum fast nie sehe. XD

10. What do you associate with ravens and wolves?
Dunkelheit. Keine ahnung warum, ist mir als erstes eingefallen. :hmm:


Tagged by Dijoniah and I'm only doing this, beacuse I'm really bored right now. x'D



1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7. No tag-backs.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry!


1. My real name is italian and means "famous light".
2. I have a horrible phobia of bees and freak out if they are near me. Picnics in summer are nightmares for me.
3. My natural hair color is "sand brown".
4. If I talk to strangers my face turns into a tomato.
5. I don't like make-up and NEVER wear it. Only if my mother force me to. I also don't wear skirts or dresses - I hate them. I have a more boy like personality.
6. If I can't explain something in slovenian, I explain in in german. It's so much easier. Although nobody understand me then. :'D
7. I'm stalking my instructor for car driving.
8. I only drive the car of my mother or the new Clio. Other cars are an absolute "NO GO" for me.
9. I'm a emotional person, who cries for every shit and I hate it. For example if someone insult me, I get angry and start to yell at them, but at the same time start to cry. Although I'm not even sad.
10. I hate my eyes. I really do. Because my eyelashes are so short that you could think I don't even have them + I have really small eyes and this looks so weird. Like I'm japanese or something (nothing against japanese people! I think they are really cute, but I would prefer to have big eyes).
+11. I can eat how much I want and don't get fatter.

1. If you could let one of your OC be alive, which one would it be?
Probably my Naruto OC Hibiki. We would make such a great couple. :'D We both have orange hair. x'D

2. What do you think about facebook?
I find it quite helpful and practical. But you have to know, how to deal with it and be careful whit your personal informations. So yes, I admire the people who don't have a FB account. I admit it, that I couldn't stand it long without FB. If I don't log in for some days, I feel like I don't know what's happening around the world. :'D So for me, Facebook is really important. :P

 3. Do you like your own drawing style?
NO. I am not satisfied with my style and would replace it immediately if I could. : 'D * hate my style *

4. If you could meet one celebrity, which one would you choose?
Spongebob? Nah, I do not know. Maybe a known animal photographer. (:

5. Do you ever thought about leaving dA?
Yes, once. Because a person who has driven me insane.

6. Which pets do you have?
The awesome Jazz! Australian shepherd

7. Which character of mine do you like the most?
Asaliah, i guess. Because of her amazing design. c:

8. Do you like drawing traditional or digital more?
Traditional, I never tried to draw digital, because I'm too lazy. XD

9. How would you describe yourself?
Crazy, clumsy, lazy, weird, different, childish, unathletic, dog lover and photographer of passion. (:

10. Thanks for doing this tag! *hug*
No problem! :3 I was so bored. :'D

My questions:
1. If you had the chance to leave the real world and go to a phantasy world, like Pokemon, Naruto, Digimon or your own. Would you go? Although you can never return?
2. What's your favourite thing in your room and why?
3. What's your biggest wish and are you fighting for it, or let it to fate?
4. Which song is your personal song (a song that describe you, your life, your personality,..)?
5. Are you a emotional person, when yes, in which way?
6. Which superpower do you want to have (choose only one)?
7. Have you ever wanted to understand what's your pet talking/trying to say?
8. If you have a phobia, which one? If not, what are you scared of and why?
9. Your craziest dream?
10. Describe me with 3 words.

I tag: :iconlupasola: ; :iconmoonas: ; :iconequusdragon: ; :iconliabordercollie: ; :iconoofeuerfuchsoo: 

I'm sorry my dears. You know I love you all. :XD: :heart:

p.s. maybe I'm not sorry.

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Welcome to my page! ♥

My real name is Kjara, but you can call me Appy AND, I'm AWESOME! B|
I'm a 18 year old girl from Slovenia. I love to draw. I draw mostly horses and dogs. But I'm often too lazy to draw or upload my drawings. XD Why don't you take a look at my gallery, huh? There's MORE than my frontpage! ;3 I love photography and my Canon EOS 650D accompanies me every step I take. Mostly I take pictures of dogs and horses. I'm crazy, wierd and chaotic, I love to ride horses, especially Diana Desperado. c: ♥

I own a red merle australian shepherd and he's the best thing that happened in my life. ♥ I really fought for him and now he's finally MINE! He's name is Raa Desert Spirit or just Jazz and I can't tell you how much I love him. ♥

Please, take a look at this! ---->…

I speak german, slovenian and english.
That would be all.... I guess. :3 And if you have ANY questions, just ask! ;*

p.s. I'M AWESOME!! B|



My AWESOME sister!

~:heart: :iconlupasola: :heart:~

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